I truly love creating memories for my clients. I don't have the newest technology, I didn't go to a fancy college for photography, and I can't transform you into something from a magazine, but I can create beautiful professional looking portraits that will last you a life time. The combination of your great smile and my creativity will create a beautiful session that you will cherish for years to come.

What are my favorite types of sessions? I love capturing love on the camera. So I would have to say I enjoy wedding & engagement photos as my first choice. Seniors and Family sessions would be a tie for second.

What sessions do I do the least amount of? I would say the sessions I do the least amount of is newborns. I prefer to do mostly natural light photography and 90% of newborn sessions are done inside.

How long have I been taking photos? I have been behind the camera for years. Most of my high school career was behind the camera. That is where I truly feel in love and found my talent. It progressed thru college and one day I decided to open a studio. This November (2014) will be 5 years in business.

Is this my full time job? I do photography part time, I own a home decor business and donate the rest of my time to our community. I am an active member with our local Chamber and Think Local First Program. I am also a member of both of these programs with the Studio. In between all of this, I am a mother of 4 children and I'd like to say I am a pretty awesome spouse! So there you have it, a little info (or a lot of info) about the lady behind the camera.

Those of you who live around Herington know me as the girl who is always hauling around what may look like junk in the back of the truck, the girl carrying that oversized chair thru a field, and of course you can't forget all your old suitcases that now have a home in my studio. You see an old building or barn and think to yourself "I sure hope they tear that down" and in my head I say "I sure hope they don't tear that down". You see a field of weeds and I see the same field as a photographers playground. Photographers that shoot from the heart see life in a whole different spectrum. The possibilities are endless when it comes down to it.

I put my creativity and love for photography in every photo shoot. My true love is outdoor photography, but due to Mother Nature, I have learned to have a lot of fun with studio shoots as well. I have grown as a photographer over the years and hope to some day have the Studio as my sole job. Nothing is more rewarding then listening to a customer as the are viewing their albums expressing how much they enjoy a photo.

When doing a photo shoot I try to give a feel of fun, relaxation, a few hours that you will truly enjoy. Getting the perfect photo isn't easy with little ones and can be extremely stressful for mom & dad. I do my best to keep everyone having a good time. No one should dread getting their photos taken. Its your time to express yourself. I love being able to capture all the sides of you. With Families and couples its great when I get those non posed facial expressions maybe some non posed laughter or a kiss. I want that day to be a good memory for years to come. When they look at the finished product to be able to tell a story about that day.

I can not stress enough how important it is to have your photos taken. In the unfortunate circumstances that you might lose a loved one young or old a portrait really is that moment caught in time. Someday that portrait may be the only physical aspect you have of someone other than the memories. So please do not keep putting off those photos. I know that life is busy. Its hectic, not enough hours in the day, money is tight. So many reasons to not come in.

That's why I am here for you. I offer flexible hours for your scheduled needs, portrait prices are lower than most indoor/outdoor studios in this area, and if you don't have a lot of time I offer mini-shoots that can take as little as 1 hour of your day. The new photography buzz is Glitz Photography. Basically that means that they can take away all your imperfections. I have been doing that for free since I opened the studio. I smooth all wrinkles, take away blemishes, thin faces, tan your skin, brighten your eyes and much more.

I also offer many different products such as photo books, collages, metal prints, gallery wraps, photo gifts, announcements, invitations, holiday cards as well as many different sizes of prints.

I do my best to give quality service to all of my clients. I hope to be able to serve you soon. If you have time please visit my facebook page as well. I post special offers on there all the time as well as many photos from my shoots.